WhereIsMyPistachio.com Home of Turkish Antep Pistachios

Why did we establish?
OREM Group’s long term goal is to introduce the unique flavors offered by the Mother Nature. So we said if anything could be naturally better, we don't know what it could be other than Turkish Antep Pistachio. 
Why Antep Pistachio?
If you believe in “You Are What You Eat”, Turkish Antep Pistachio is your answer. Turkish Antep pistachios are extremely fresh tasty, crunchy, flavored, and a wonderful nutritious snack. In addition, Turkish Antep Pistachios are the most valuable types of pistachio in the global market. 
What differs Turkish Antep Pistachios from others?
Taste!!! We are confident that you only need to experience once to witness the once in a life time taste and be hooked forever.
Crispiness!!! With a single bite, Antep pistachios shatter in pieces in the mouth contrary to the gummy feeling left by other pistachios.
Appearance!!! They are naturally less open than the other variety of pistachios and tend to have a much darker color.
Size!!!! Yes - they're smaller but pack the most punch.
Who do we work with?

OREM Group’s philosophy is to protect nature, earth and water in order to protect the produce and human. Therefore, we only work with producers and roasting companies that share same philosophy. 
Where are we located?

 We are located in Los Angeles, CA.