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Canda T. New York, NY

These are the best Turkish Antep Pistachios. Fast shipping and great value. Highly recommended.



Scott B. Miami, FL

I and my family are big fan of this website. We were never disappointed. Highly recommended. 



Can T., New York, NY 

I love these Turkish pistachios. Very fresh and full of favor.



Simon K., San Francisco, CA

What a delight. I love these pistachios and quick service of Whereismypistachio.com



Julia M., Ann Arbor, MI

Nuts were fresh, good tasting. Will order again.



Marc T., San Francisco, CA

Shipped promptly. Fresh and crispy taste. Love these pistachios. 



Alicie W, Richmond, VA

Great product. Highly recommended.



Jack W., Denver, CO

Great product and delicious Turkish Antep Pistachios. Highly recommended. 



Bill T., Charlotte, NC

I and my wife tried many suppliers of Turkish Pistachio but none of them has been close to the experience we had with WhereisMyPistachio.com. Fast shipment but more than that very tasty Turkish pistachios. Highly recommended. 5 stars.



Larry S., Los Angeles, CA

You go Whereismypistachio.com. Very yummy Turkish Antep pistachios!



Umut B., Arlington, VA

Keep coming for more and more. Great company and fabulous product. 



James T., Tampa, FL

Great product, will buy again for sure.  



Lorraine Z., Spring Hills, FL

WOW!!!!!  I just got my order that I placed 3 days ago. These pistachios are great!!!!! ... This is the first time I have ever ordered from you folks and it will NOT be my last!!!!!


Love it



Mary T., Boston, MA

Great service & great product. Coming for more soon



Can A., NYC, NY

I came across Whereismypistahio.com when I decided to change my previous supplier and middle eastern store on the corner of my work. The product I got from Whereismypistachio is superior to any other website and store I had previously. Fresh, full of flavor, and crispy. Definitely coming back more. You go Whereismypistachio.com!!!



Chris S., NYC, NY

Can't get my hands off these pistachios. Great flavor, fantastic website.

Gerry R., Madison, WI

These pistachios had super flavor and crunchiness...Love em.



Jack H., Honolulu, HI

I have been looking for this kind of flavor for a long time. Last time I had one was in Istanbul. Great find and I know Where Is My Pistachios are from now on. 



David B., Los Angeles, CA

Great product. Tasty, fresh and full of flavor. Coming back for sure



Tracy S., San Francisco, CA

I need more of these. Great quality and price. Coming back soon!!!!



Ali K., Baltimore, MD

Similar the ones I had in Istanbul. Great product, 5*



Mike T., Boston, MA

As advertised, quick shipping and excellent source of Antep Pistachios. 



Alberto M., Los Angeles, CA

5 ***** exceptional product. For sure coming back.



James T., NYC, NY

Best deal in the web. Great service, product, and quality. Prefer to other online sellers.



Peter C., Roanoke, VA

GREEATTTT product. Coming back soon.....



Nancy A., San Francisco, CA

Just found my new Turkish Pistachio source! These taste as same as I had in Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Quality and fast service. 



Suzanna N, Ocala, FL 

I am a dedicated Turkish pistachio lover. I am not a fan of Calfornia Pistachio's and will go out of my way to find a deal on the Turkish Anteps. WhereIsMyPistachio has very good deals on top quality Anteps. This is my third order in a matter of weeks. 

I guess I know 'Where My Pistachios' are now. Thank you. I will be back.



* Umut B., Fairfax, VA

Repeat buyer. These pistachios taste the same I had in Turkey. Very fresh and extremely flavory. Coming back soon. 



* Sam B., Los Angeles, CA

I loved the service. Very fresh and cheap Turkish pistachios compare to other suppliers. Coming back.



* Samantha C., Miami, FL

Just found my new supplier. Very fresh and reasonable price.



* Eric T., Richmond, VA

I and my wife love Turkish Pistachios. We are very happy to find Whereismypistachio.com. Our experience was great; fast service  fresh and quality product. We will come back again. 



* Audrey R., NYC, NY

So flavorful and fresh. And very reasonable price.   



* Bill R., Boston, MA

 Can't be more happier. Very satisfied customer. Will come back again.



* Michele B., NYC, NY

Super fresh and tasty Turkish pistachios with a very reasonable price. Definitely, gonna get more. 



* Carolyn S., Arlington, VA

 A+++. Loved the pistachios.



* Alp T., Arlington, VA

Impressed with the delivery and quality of the product. Pistachios taste the same ones I had in Istanbul. Coming back soon.



* David S., Miami, FL

AAA+++. Very satisfied!



* James K., Frankfort, NY

I am very satisfied with my order. The delivery was sooner than expected ...  Since it has become increasingly difficult to find local retailers in my area who will even stock Turkish pistachios because of the price, I was happy to find your site selling them at a price I could afford.  I guess you could say - I found my pistachios!



* James T., - NYC, NY

Very pleased with the taste and freshness. I found what I need.



* Lynn M. - Thomas M., Spring Lake, MI

We were very pleased with our Antep Pistachios from WhereIsMyPistachio.Com.  We were comparing Antep pistachios from four companies, and the pistachios from Where Is My Pistachio (Orem) arrived first,  and were the best.  We also like Siirt pistachios from another company, but they were not quite as   tasty.  Thanks for truly delicious pistachios-which we have shared with family!



* Nina B, Lakeland, FL

Dear I found my Pistachio Nuts
It would be my pleasure to say that your products are very fresh, the price is sweet and the deliver service is excellent.  This is my second order with your Co. and I hope to continue purchasing.  
Thank you!



* Joseph G, Palmer, MA

I love your products. The Turkish pistachios are incredibly fresh and tasty. HIGHLY addictive. As    soon as I go through a shipment I need to order another. I appreciate that you're always there to    supply me with my next "fix". Thanks



* Richard D., Broomfield, CO

I have always been a fan of Turkish Pistachios but have bought them from another supplier.  WhereIsMyPistachio's pistachios were great tasting and a lot less expensive than the other supplier.  I will be buying from you from now on.



* Terry M., Ovid, MI

 Excellent product and very fast on delivery I would give this company 5+ stars.



* Tim A., Jacksonville, FL

This was my first order from WhereIsMyPistachio and I was very happy with my order.  You can't beat their prices on Turkish pistachios. I live on the East coast and was surprised to receive my order within two days.  Keep up the good work!  And please keep the prices so reasonable! Thank you



* Dave N., McHenry, IL 

I certainly hope eating large quantities of your Turkish pistachios is nutritious cause I haven't stopped munching on them since they arrived on this past Friday!!!!
I'm so happy to have located your website. It's hard enough just finding a source for purchase of Turkish pistachios, let alone finding one with a superior tasting product like yours. I am 65 years old and have enjoyed pistachios all my life, but always thought that I liked them so much more I was around seven or so years old. The taste of typical American grown pistachios had left me wanting to taste the kind I used to have as a kid when my Dad brought them home in a paper bag.
So I started to hunt them down a few years back online checking out the various types of pistachios. When I started to learn about Turkish Antep pistachios, their shape reminded me of the type I loved as a kid. Yours is about the fourth company I have used to order Turkish pistachios and I can now say my search is over. The others were mostly good, one wasn't so good but yours tops them all. GREAT taste and just the right amount of salt. Absolutely wonderful!!! Your price is competitive, speedy order processing and most importantly, the best tasting I've had in a long, long time. Thank you very much!!!!!




* Terasa A., Stony Point, NY

 Great product.......... and the shipping lighting fast.............Thanks!



* Amy M. MArtinsville, VA

Great experience; rec'd order within couple days - very good nuts!! Will order again!!



* Geremy M., NYC, NY

 First time trying this website.  Very satisfied with everything. Fresh product with reasonable price.



* Jason K, Dallas, TX

 Great freshness and flavor. Very protective packaging to keep product fresh at all times. Definitely coming back. 



* Joan C., Redlands, CA

 My family members love the company name.  They say, "Hey, that's what you say all the time!  Where is my pistachio?"

 Love how reliable and FAST shipping is.  I ordered Friday and my shipment reached me Saturday!  I love the fast

 shipping especially when I am going through nut withdrawls and need my nuts fast.  Thanks for the quick shipment!



* Doris K., Jamesburg NJ

  I received my order in three business days.  The Turkish pistachios were fresh and very tasty.  I am quite happy that

  I have found another source for these delicous nuts.  I had not been able to get them from my last source for over

  two months.


* Louise F., Kensington, MD

 We are completely addicted to Turkish Pistachios and yours are the best we've had. Thank you for the fast delivery. 
 We'll be back!


* Jennifer T. NYC, NY

   Can't keep my hands off from pistachios. They taste great. Very satisfied with my purchase. 


* Donald S., Fort Myers, FL

I am a BIG Turkish Pistachio nut eater.Every Sunday during football season I'll sit 
down and eat them for hours..I'll go through 5lbs in not even 2 months.I'm always
looking for a deal.This time it happened to be WheresMyPistachio.They were the
cheapest I could find.I was very surprised at how quick I received them.I think it
was 4 days from California to Florida...WOW..They taste great!!!!Conveniently
packed...I definitely will be buying from them again..unless their prices go up...Don


* Peter R., Clarkson, MI

   Turkish pistachios are the best. Great price, fairly priced and quick shipping, and I'm very happy!


* Jennifer T., Roanoke, VA

   Very happy customer. Great service and product all around.


* John M., Catonsville, MD

   Appreciate the solid service,reasonable price  and an excellent product...


* Brenda M., Fairfax, VA

 Dear WhersIsMyPistachio Team,
 I was very pleased with the order that I placed for Turkish pistachios.  We lived in Turkey and love the Antep style nuts. What really pleased me was finding an option to buy a large quantity in small, 1 lb bags.  This allows me to have a good supply on hand while being able to open one bag at a time for freshness.  The order in a timely manner and made my husband very happy! I will order from you again in the near future! Thank you.


* John T., Mesa, AZ

  Absolutely amazed with the product. Fresh and very reasonable pricing. At the end I am very satisfied customer.   


* Gus B., Dallas, TX

 I received my first shipment. It arrived much faster than I expected and the price 
compared to other was very reasonable. The product was fresh and tasty. I am glad
that my normal vendor was out...too bad for them and good for you guys!!! Keep up
the good work and thanks!

* Veronica W, Boston, MA

   The more I eat the more I want. Very satisfied customer.


* Umut B., Fairfax, VA

   These are the real deals like the ones I got in Turkey. Fresh, great packaging and fast shipment. Definitely coming back.


* Michael M., Bridgeville, PA

   The pistachios I received from WhereIsMyPistachio.com are great!  The nuts are delicious and tasty.  The ordering process was easy and
   shipping on time.  Will definitely buy again, Thank You!


* Kyle T., Dayton, OH

   Great all over experience. Definitely one of the best online purchase I ever made. Super fast shipment, amazing taste and super



* Anna D., Miami, FL

   Amazing taste and very fresh product. Very happy customer


* Anna G., Jersey City, NJ

   I am very pleased with very fast shipment, fresh product, and very reasonable price. Happy to find whereismypistachio.com


* Peter C., Boston, MA

   Amazing product and great packaging. I am happy that I found this site.


* Jerry J., Crofton, MD

 Fast shipping was nice.  The nuts are packaged with resalable Ziploc bags  and taste great.

I will purchase again.


* Sherry W, BUFFALO, NY

 I really appreciate the super fast turn around time during the holidays. I initially 

ordered only a lb of pistachios to see if the quality was there. Sure enough they were

fabulous! I followed up w/ a 10 lb order!


* Charles W, Baltimore, MD

  Turkish pistachios are my favorite nuts... And this website just became my favorite website.


* Tim G, NYC, NY

   I love these pistachios. This web site is a such a great find. Great packaging comes with great freshness.


* Steve P., Salt Lake City, UT

   Found "WhereIsMyPistachio" searching Turkish pistachios on line. As I'm an addict for these tasty nuts I try to buy in bulk, so I purchased

   the 22 lb size.  The price, quality and shipping is first rate. I highly recommend WhereIsMyPistachio.


* Don K., Albuquerque, NM

  Thank you for the nuts! The Turkish pistachio nuts were priced so low that I thought that this was either a scam or the product would be    
   inferior quality. I was wrong on both accounts. In fact, the nuts were the freshest I've found, and nobody can touch your prices. Shipping  
   was super quick and very reasonably priced. I will order again soon. Glad I found you guys!!


* Gregory W, Buffalo, NY

   I am very pleased and surprised at what I received from your company!!! Fresh wonderfully tasting Turkish Pistachios that did not cost

   me an arm or leg. I've been eating TP's for years now and Yours are top of the line and at a great price. I was reluctant at first as I

   normally deal with a couple of other distributers but I am sure glad I did. I will be placing another order real soon as I only brought 5

   pounds to try them. Thank You so much!!! I now know WhereIsMyPistachio...Thanks


* Jay B, Tampa, FL 

   Received my order today, ate half the bag; delish,  Great job! Thanks 


* James R., NYC, NY

   Very pleased with the freshness & quality of the pistachios… Very reasonable price


* Karen M, New Orleans, LA

   This is my second time trying Turkish Pistachios and already become my favorite nut... Amazing taste.


* Ben T., Raleigh, NC

    Such an amazing product and service. Great value to flavor ratio.


* Marty B., Minneapolis, MN

     As good as any pistachios I have purchased in Istanbul's Spice Market. Also best delivery service of any sources that I have used so far. 


* Adam K., Fort Myers, FL

     I love these pistachios. Received very fresh... Great packaging and price.


* Kevin B., Boston, MA

     I loved it, fresh and tasty.


* Paulette B., Knoxville, TN

     I received these pistachios much faster than I thought I would ...Very happy customer.


* Craig L., Naples, FL

    Great Fast Delivery!! ... I love the way you package them with the sealable bags. Great price. ... 


* George S., Camden, NJ

     Wonderful, what is not like to about it.


* Liz G., Edison, NJ

     Very fresh pistachios.


* Abigail R., Tampa, FL



* Carrie R., Ann Arbor, MI

     Great pistachios! Very fast shipping!


* Sam E, Los Angeles, CA

      Yum and fresh


* Sally J., Buffalo, NY

       Excellent product. Tasty.


* Jennifer G, Columbus, OH

       Loved the Turkish Pistachios. Everybody in my family loved it.


* Sarah A, Roanoke, VA

       Liking it very much.


* Tom C, San Francisco, CA

       Great packaging & fresh product.  


* Smith V., Roanoke, VA

       Great flavor and freshness.


* Jackie P, Salem, MA

        Love it, Love It & Love It


* Hong C, San Francisco, CA

        Great taste, perfect flavor.


* Alex S., Glendale, AZ

        Extremely happy and satisfied.


* Jennifer D., Boston, MA

        Incredible taste, great packaging and very fresh  


* Tim K., Baltimore, MD

        Great flavor & excellent value.


* Tom S., Miami, FL

        Very fresh pistachios. Love them...


* Gary S., Pasadena, CA

       Great flavor,taste and freshness.


* Denice P., NYC, NY

       Fantastic value, great product and excellent packaging.


* Joseph W., Bloomfield, NJ

       "... Not only are the nuts great but the service and shipping is fantastic... "


* James S., Atlanta, GA

       Great taste, amazing flavor.


* Denice S, Los Angeles, CA 

       Loving it! Already finished one pack..


* Gerald D., Fort L., FL

       My family's favorite. Great product.


* Tim C., Phoenix, AZ

      Tastyyyyyy! Yummmyyy


* Nancy M, San Diego, CA

        Fresh and tasty, yummy!


* Alp T, Washington DC

        Great taste and fast shipment    


* Marlon A., College Station, TX

        Like the ones I had in Turkey. Tasty and Fast Delivery


* A & I B., Orlando, FL

         Great Service. Delicious Pistachios       


* Robert M., College Station, TX

        Tasty, fresh, great flavor. Speedy delivery.


* Umut B., Arlington, VA

        Received my second order today. Fast delivery and fresh pistachios like first one.


* Ef B., Lakeside, OH

    I was very pleased with the service, packaging, delivery and the quality of the nuts, very tasty!


* Sue Y. NYC, NY

        Best nuts ever. Fresh and delicious. Fast shipment!


*  Jessica B., Charlotte, NC

        Great taste and fast shipment. Definitely coming back. 


* David S., Houston, TX

        Loved it! Great flavor and freshness.


* Patty C., Manhattan Beach, CA

        My whole family and my friends loved the pistachios.


* Carrie R., Ann Arbor, MI 

        Fast Shipping. Just placed my second order.


* Jeab A., Blacksburg, VA 

        Great taste. I love the LOGO


* Geremy M., Greenbelt, MD

        Website did not look safe at first. Everything is legit, as it is advertised. Fresh and great price. Definitely coming back.


* Ipek B., Long Beach, CA

        The Best


* Anil D., Santa Monica, CA

        Way better than any pistachio I bought from stores!


* Umut B., Arlington, VA

        Great buy! Fresh and Tasty!! Yum !!!


* Sam S., Detroit, MI

        Yummmm! Fast Shipping


* Christian L., Miami, FL

        Woowww, great find !!!