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- Dough (pre-made or prepare as describes in baklava)

- 2 lbs of pistachio (unshelled and grounded)

- 12 ounce of Butter

 - 3 lbs of sugar

- 24 fl oz water

- 1/2 lemon juice



1.     Lay all doughs over each other on a counter and cut them to two equal pieces laterally.

2.     Put two equally cut dough stack top of each other.

3.     Place grounded pistachios on a dough and roll the dough by using dough roller.

4.     Before removing the rolled dough from the counter, close each end of dough by gently squeezing.

5.     Place this rolled dough on a tray and remove dough roller gently.

6.     Repeat step 5 until the tray is fulled with rolled doughs.

7.     Slice rolled doughs about thumb long and spread melted butter until no dry place left.

8.     Cover the tray with a butcher paper and put into oven at 300 F.

9.     Keep the tray in the oven for 20 minutes to be baked and take it out from oven after 20 minutes

10.   Add the sherbet evenly right after baking and leave it to cool off.


* Butcher Paper is required to give the green color of Sarma


Instructions for Sherbet: 

1.      Stir up sugar and water in an empty container until all sugar dissolves. (Do not use heat)

2.      Place the mix on a heat and stir until it becomes ready (Place one finger on a mix and try to see if it sticks to other finger)

3.      If the sherbet is ready, lower the temperature until dough is ready. (Add lemon juice while it is waiting)