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- 2 lb. Flour

- 3 Eggs

- 5 cups Water (4 cups for sherbet)

- 1 lb. Starch

- 1 lb. Butter

- 1.5 lb Sugar (for sherbet)

- 1 lemon (for sherbet)

- ½ tea spoon Salt

- ½ lb Antep Pistachio


Note: Dough and sherbet should be prepared simultaneously.



1.     In a large container, stir up flour, eggs, salt and 1 glass of water until dough becomes hard.

2.     Cover the dough for 30 minutes with a wet and clean cloth.

3.     Cut the dough to 12 equal pieces and add starch to top of it.

4.     With a dough roller, roll the dough until it gets flat and thin. (Continue to add starch during this process)

5.     Place this thin dough on a tray and brush melted butter on top of it. (Make sure bottom of tray is also brushed with butter)

6.     Repeat step 4 and place the thin dough on top of previous dough until the sixth dough. (Do not forget to brush each thin dough with butter)

7.     After the sixth dough, place grounded pistachios evenly on top thin dough.

8.     Continue Step 4, 5 and 6 until all, 12, doughs are finished.

9.     Slice prepared dough and pistachio mix the way you want. (It is usually cut in squares)

10.    Fill out the gaps from cuts with butter.

11.    Bake it for 30 - 40 minutes in medium temperature until its gets brownish/orange color.

12.    Add the sherbet evenly right after baking and leave it to cool off.


Instructions for Sherbet: 

1.      Stir up sugar and 4 cups of cold water in an empty container until all sugar dissolves. (Do not use heat)

2.      Place the mix on a heat and stir until it becomes ready (Place one finger on a mix and try to see if it sticks to other finger)

3.      If the sherbet is ready, lower the temperature until dough is ready. (Add lemon juice while it is waiting)