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The harvest season for Antep pistachios usually starts early September. The daily harvest starts after sunrise, continues after a lunch break, until 4 pm in the afternoon. Each pistachio is hand picked and placed on top of a specially made cloth, to be dried out under punishing sun for 3 to 4 days to decrease the moisture of the pistachio 3% to 5%.  This specially made cloth usually has a thickness of 1 to 2 inches. 
Roasted Antep pistachios are the most common type of Antep pistachios that are consumed. Even though there is no unique or standard way roasting of Antep pistachios, the ultimate taste of Antep Pistachios is decided by the roasting temperature, roasting time, salt added and cooling process. Each family in the region established their own way of roasting standards.
We are committed to offer only the freshest pistachios of the highest quality to our customers. Therefore, packaging constitutes one of the essentials of our pistachios being fresh at all times. We follow packaging industry very closely to keep ourselves up to date in order to provide best protection to our pistachios. As part of our Quality Control, bagged pistachios are tested to ensure there are no leaks or tears for air, liquid and moisture penetration. 
We want our commitment never to end until our pistachios consumed by our customers. Therefore, we give ultimate importance to delivery. We only use major carriers to deliver our commitment to your door.